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Trump: Please Run!
An Open Letter to Mr. Donald Trump


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 Mr. Trump,

  Please, please, please run for the Republican Nominee for President of the United States of America.

  As a journalist, I must say that there is no better fodder than the foolishness which you have recently shared with the world.  Mr. Trump, while you may think that you are speaking for the people in America, you are mistaken.  While you may think you are speaking to the American people, banish the thought.  You are speaking for yourself, a few crazies and /or racist, and to the world.  In your quest to "best" the President of the United States of America, you  have shown the world a little more than I think you intended.

  There has been a recent news spotlight on bullying. which is when one attempts to intimidate another into doing thier will.  I think your recent antics meet the definition of bullying.  While the main media won't say this,  I will!  You are a bully!  You have been rude and attempted to bully the media when questioned.  You have the nerve to say in interviews the various ways in which you would bully other Heads of State if you were in a position to do so.  The hell you will!   Wilder than all that, you attempted to bully the President of the United States of America.  Shame on you!  But you seem to have no shame, your ruthlessness knows no bounds.

  The afterward crowing and puffing up your chest taking credit for berating the President to reveal his Birth Certificate was another example of the your super ego.  I know this makes you feel like you are on top of the World, however the exact opposite is true.  Rather than have the respect of the populace of the US, you have shamed us.  Not only are we internally shamed, it was revealed that the populace of The United Kingdom is not only aware of your antics, they are shocked.  I did not like hearing that during the Royal Wedding media commentary.  As a world traveler, I actually like being treated with respect in other countries.

  By asking for various private documents to prove or disprove various personal historical facts of Mr. Barack Obama, you have shown there is a portion of people in this country who feel for some reason that Mr. Obama is not one of the community of the US.  He has been disowned as it were by a segment of our population.  This "silliness" as The President recently called it, has spread since his first campaign.  It was disgusting then, and it is hideous now. 

  Now that Mr. Obama has revealed his Birth Certificate, there are some who still disbelieve - but we knew that would happen.  Once a person becomes extremely entrenched in an idea or belief it is easier to pluck a star from the heavens than change thier mind.  They will never be convinced otherwise, and they will be bitter because they believe some one pulled the rug over thier eyes.

  After The President revealed the document you arrogantly demanded, rather than suggest the topic had reached an end, you said you would inspect the document.  The hell you say.  Who are you to berate the President of the United States of America and demand a document no one has ever asked a President to reveal?  Who are you to inspect anything and being able to make a decision on it's merit?  Your arrogance knows no bounds.  When confronted with the fact that the man had released his Birth Certificate, you called for school transcripts or his GPAs from High school, his Undergrad and Law Schools.

  While that mess is worthy of ostracism, you recently dropped the F-Bomb in a manner that shocked me.  I am not unfamiliar with the word.  That is not the point.  I am familiar with the whole New York "thug' thing, but to be honest that does not play anywhere but in New York.  Many before you have tried the NY thug thing only to find themselves looking foolish.  I can tell you from personal experience that Washington DC is not inhabited by a bunch of weak people.

  If you wish to represent the people of this country, your tone must change.  We want, need, and demand a representative of the people, not some autocratic, bullying, xenophobic, potty mouth demigod.  You once said in an interview that the world was or is laughing at us.  Actually, since Mr. Obama was elected the US has actually gained in the esteem in the world.  Believe it or not.  Here we just started to gain the respect of the world, and here you go.

  So you have cut a straight fool and I am begging you to run.  You say that you are an intelligent man.  You must ask yourself why would I want you to run?  You gotta ask yourself "What the Hey?"  It's simple,  I will have some of the best laughs of my life watching John Stewart and a host of others slam you for your silliness.  Oh, and I think you could use the humbling experience which will come when you lose, lose hard, and lose quickly.

Yo Dude, I can use the laughs: Please Run!


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Last Updated: 04/29/2011