Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary defines the following:

Mental:     1. Of or pertaining to the mind.

Slave:       2. One who is submissive or subject to a person or influence.

Slavery:    1. Bondage to a Master or household.
                 3. Subjugation or addiction to a specified influence.

Mental slavery is the inability to view events, or one's self, differently from commonly held beliefs.  This is the most horrendous effect of our history of slavery.  Mental slavery cripples it's victim, making them ineffective, self destructive, self hating, and dangerous.

Mental slavery may cause the victim to sell out family members, coworkers, and anyone else who possess a different mindset.  A mental slave will not investigate nor research history or current events.  They have a nasty habit of accepting and believing what is told to them, whether it's true or not.

The Brother or Sister who constantly shows out, or puts you down in front of  "others" is a mental slave.  The Brother or Sister who is a house N***** for management is a mental slave.  The Brother or Sister who is a spy or an agent provocateur is a mental slave.  The Brother or Sister who stereotypes or dislikes dreadlocks or Muslims or anyone different, due to personal ignorance, is a mental slave.  Brothers or Sisters who dislike or will not attempt to get to know non American Blacks, due to personal ignorance is a mental slave.  Brothers or Sisters who listen to or laugh at racist or sexist jokes is a mental slave.

They have adopted the mindset that anything written or said by the oppressor is ok, and the everyone else needs to get with the program.  They cringe at the words of a Dr. Khallid Muhammad, a Min. Farrakhan, or a Dr. Chavis, without listening to see if truth is told.  You may see a mental slave at a history or freedom seminar, but their attention span is limited and will quickly leave if the press is present.  The last thing they want is to be seen on TV in company of "that type".

Jewish people survived their Holocaust due to unity and a world view of Jews.  They have an enviable sense of unity when a threat is perceived, notwithstanding self division.  When a Jewish person informs their community of a problem, the community rallies around them, the JDL (Jewish Defense League) and the ADL (Anti Defamation League) steps in, and their problem is soon eliminated.

Why can't Blacks achieve the same?  Mental slavery is one culprit, while others are envy, self hate, ignorance, intolerance, and maliciousness.  Our community has been devastated by mental slavery.  We have reached a point where we can no longer afford to be mental slaves.  We must research history, biblical references, and current events, whether they are perceived to personally affect us or not.  If one of us is harmed, the rest of us are in danger of being harmed the same way.  It is crucial we adopt a world view.

On the subject of biblical references, some of our biblical scholars have performed extensive research and found the following shocking information; historical and biblical research reveals and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus was a Black man.  For some, this information is scandalous and to be either ignored or disbelieved.  For them to refuse to research or accept the data is a shame.  One of the signs of mental slavery is a refusal to acknowledge proven scientific data.  It is shocking, but the truth is the light.

Some victims of mental slavery will buy, or have bought The Bell Curve, in an effort to understand the mindset or research of those writers.  This is an extreme and sickening example of mental slavery.  Why would any intelligent person purchase a book that tells the reader they possess a low intelligence level because they are of a particular racial group?  This is madness at it's highest level!  This type of trash has been written before, and no doubt will be written again.

Brothers and Sisters, study and research is required at this time.  Do not accept whatever people tell you, it is a sign you are a mental slave.  Wasn't physical slavery enough, must we also shackle our minds?  As Brother George Clinton once said "Free your mind, and your a** will follow".

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