Are Online Car Dealers Better?

You must decide who you want to buy your car from before you make the purchase. Many customers are confused by the difference between the large internet car dealers and the local small dealers. It is important to look at both sides before making an emotional decision.


They can find many cars for a lower price. The online car dealers can give you more choice and, with more choices comes more bargaining ability. A traditional dealer is unlikely to have a particular model or make in stock, while an online retailer will. The traditional dealer may not have the model in stock, so they’ll call other dealers to find it. You will have to deal with a number of brokers and pay them commissions.


Prices offered by traditional brick and mortar dealers are significantly higher than those of online retailers. The brick-and-mortar dealers have a habit of stating high prices and haggling in order to lower the price. It gives the impression that they are happy when in fact, they might have paid too much. Alternatively, once on the web, most of your clicks are directed to the ads that have the best prices. It is for this reason that online dealers keep their prices as low as possible. It is more important to them that they have a large business and a high volume than profit per vehicle.


Online car dealers must be up front with all details. The brick-and mortar dealers will always tell you everything about the vehicle. They can emphasize the information that they desire and suppress other details until you request it. Online, however, dealers are forced to follow a certain format when giving information. The car dealers are only stating facts, and it is up to you to interpret them. It will surprise you how much better your purchases are once the manipulative thoughts that were planted in your head by those people during the conversation have been removed.

Warranty and reputation

The reputation of online car dealers is more important to them. Most of these are huge corporations that rely on their reputation to survive. Many dealers back up their claims with warranties and written guarantees to assure that the customer can’t go wrong.