The Three Most Important Reasons for Self-Storage That You Didn’t Know

Over the last decade the interest in self storage units has increased dramatically. Many businesses have opened across the United States to accommodate the increasing demand for more space. Most people, however, still think they can’t use extra space in their homes. The question is, why would you pay to have your things stored in a remote area when your house has enough space? The storage unit is a fantastic option, no matter how many square feet you have available in your home.

1. Storing seasonal decor and accessories

When you play sports like skiing or ice skating, it’s important to have specific equipment. But this can be difficult to keep in storage for half the year. You can also store inflatables like swimming pools and nets for volleyballs in the home over winter. With self storage, you can pack up seasonal equipment in the off-season and free space within your house or attic.

The same is true if you collect a large collection of decorations for different seasons. Perhaps, when winter ends and the lights of Christmas are gone or the torches of outdoor lanterns have been put away after summer. You can organize these items in storage by packing them into boxes.

2. Collecting Valuables or Antiques

If you are a collector of baseball cards, stamps from the past, model train sets, and antique lamps then this is a great place to start. If you have a large collection of old stamps, antique lamps, model trains or baseball cards then it is likely that your intention will be to hold onto them in hope their value increases enough to allow you to sell for profit. A collection such as this will take up space in your home. You should store them in an air-conditioned, secure self-storage facility to preserve their condition for future years.

3. Temporarily Placing Valuables Away During Summer Vacation

Statistically, break-ins to homes are most common during summer. There may be signs that indicate you’ve taken advantage during a break from school to take a family vacation for a longer period. This could lead to unauthorized entry into your home. There are many self-storage options that offer monthly fees, which make it convenient to place all your belongings in a secure space when you go away.

The list of situations where you might want to use self-storage is endless, so these tips just scratch the top. You should consider what suits your own lifestyle. Monthly payments can be very worthwhile.