Blog Post Ideas – 10 Topics You Could Blog About

You want to blog. But you don’t know what to blog? This is a situation we’ve all experienced. Use these ideas to inspire your next brilliant blog post. Come and visit our website search it on you can learn more.

1. Yourself. Share your experiences in the workplace or with your family. You could also ask someone to interview you.

2. How you find your inspiration. What inspired you? Do you tell your readers about this? Telling them the reason why will allow them to connect with your actions. It’s also a good idea to share some motivational quotes or videos on YouTube, along with your own thoughts.

3. Your favorite blog posts. What is the age of your blog? What is your favourite blog post or top 5 posts of your blog? Summarize them into one post. In the absence of enough blog material, review and summarize five posts that you find particularly interesting. If you pick a particular theme to focus on, this works well.

4. Do a step-by-step post. You can help readers by completing a certain task. Make a post describing each step involved in completing the project. For the right task, you can even create videos or include pictures to illustrate each step.

5. List the resources you use. What is your Top 5 or Top 10 Favorite…? People love resource lists!

6. How you solve a certain problem. Recently, what problem did you have that you would like to share the solution? Find the right blog plug-in, social media tool, graphics software, knitting needles and baby carrier …? Tell your readers about the perfect blog plugin, social networking tool, graphics program or knitting needles.

7. Current events. The news is always full of interesting stories that you could write and discuss. Stuff-to-Tweet or your favorite site for news can help you find some interesting information.

How to Review a Book or Movie What have been you reading recently? Are there any topics or subjects that you think your audience will be interested? Why not write a movie or book review?

9. You can pick on your friend. Has a close friend blogged or sold something online? Incorporate them into a blog post. Your blog visitors may also return the favor.

10. Share with others your favorite blogs. Make a top-three list of blogs to read. Include a link and explain why or what they teach you.