Understanding Property Investment in Thailand

You can do whatever you like on the island. It is small and secluded. The nightlife in Chaweng, Lamai and the shopping are all exciting. You can also hide from it all at a fasting getaway to get away from everything. The perfect balance is found between island life and modern needs. We all want to live on the tropical island, but we still enjoy shopping at the large supermarkets that provide our home comforts, or about 60%. Read more now on real estate in Phuket

Recent media coverage of real estate in Thailand has confused and worried both investors and buyers. It is possible to buy property in Thailand through a rolling 30-year lease, which totals 90-years. Some condominiums are available as freeholds if the developer holds a specific license.

It is not hard to imagine that this market will grow in the future. Thailand is a beautiful, welcoming country which attracts visitors from around the globe. Many properties are purchased at deep discounts off-plan. It’s easy to see that those who invest in Thailand real estate will reap generous returns. Many real estate developers offer project management services after completion. Your property may even earn money from holiday rentals generated when you aren’t staying there.

Anyone who visited Koh Samui in the last few years would have noticed a huge change in the market. The prime investment locations are being snapped-up while they’re still at their great prices. They are now regretting not investing in the Thai real-estate market a few short years ago. But they will regret it again if they don’t buy today.

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